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More effective teams lead to more successful outcomes for your staff and for students. Highly engaged teams are much more than just a satisfied team.

Taking a whole organisation approach, we work with your executive team and/or Board, to create a strategy for measuring, developing and growing engagement.

Using the proven Gallup Q12 system, which takes the best of world leading employee engagement research, we can help you to:

  • Address active disengagement and position people for success
  • Develop targeted action plans based on the findings
  • Bring clarity and coherence to your team so people know what’s expected
  • Link your employee engagement approach to your business strategy so that it’s a key lever for creating a high performing team

Did you know that only
15% of the worlds
employees are highly
engaged at work?

If you would like to explore how Learning Architects can support you or your
organisation, please contact us – we’d love to help.


Transform Workplace Culture

How to transform your workplace culture

I’ve just come back from a conference in Sydney entitled Transforming Workplace Culture by Gallup. This conference explored the critical elements of what it takes to develop an engaging workplace and how to transform your workplace culture. I found it quite inspiring so here are some of my key takeaways.
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