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Professional learning that built teacher capacity


Professional learning that built teachers’ capacity in giving students feedback on writing, using teacher inquiry. Staff were well-supported and engaged in this process and have commented positively on having this opportunity to develop their practice.

Margaret Trotter, principal

Professional learning that is practical, real, and supportive

Rob has been a big help in assisting our staff, students, and parents, as we strive to develop capable and responsible digital citizens. He has run parent workshops, staff meetings and worked in classrooms with our teachers and students. Rob is practical, a realist, supportive and not afraid to ask the challenging questions.

Anne Cato, deputy principal

…carefully constructs the conversations so the ideas of the students are leading the discussions


Rob carefully constructs digital citizenship conversations so the ideas of the students are leading the discussions, and ensures it provokes discussions.

Bevan James, ICT lead

Strategic planning process was robust and thorough


Craig worked closely with the BoT, whanau and staff and provided a strategic planing process that was robust and thorough.

Murray Overton, principal

…integral part of the appraisal process and the professional development of our SLT

Image of Darryn Rae

Rob has been an integral part of the appraisal process and the professional development of our senior leadership team at Queenstown Primary School. He helped me gain insight into my strengths and how best to put them to work. He is always approachable and easy to deal with, while remaining professional and honest. He is knowledgable and passionate about the work he does.

Darryn Rae, deputy principal

…set our school up in a sustainable way

Victoria personalises the Digital Technologies Curriculum PLD for staff so they work at a pace that suits them and does this in a challenging but caring manner. She has pushed our thinking, modelled new learning and supported each teacher in their development. Victoria has set our school up in a sustainable way that when her time finishes we will be able to push on and flourish. She is amazing! I can’t wait to have her back!

Paul Jamieson, principal

Focusing in on computational thinking

Your content and pedagogy his meant that you have delivered an extremely valuable series of professional learning that has been well received by our staff. Victoria understands what it’s like to be a teacher and she works the hours that teachers work and for us, that’s made a difference.

Emma Ranui, deputy principal

Shona is a vastly creative

Shona has helped our staff navigate through the complexities of 21st-century learning concepts. As a result, we are a school with a strong sense of direction and philosophy around our learning culture, especially in the digital facets of learning and the links with effective practice

Nick Leith, deputy principal

leadership appraisal helped us identify our strengths individually and as a leadership team

Bronwyn Harding photo

Leadership appraisal helped us identify our strengths individually and as a team. He guided us on how to work with these strengths and support each other by delving into our potential as a team. Rob has a knack of being able to lead and support from the side without telling us what to do but by asking probing questions that enable us to think on a deeper level.

Bronwyn Harding, deputy principal

It has been inspiring working alongside Shona

Julie Smith

It has been inspiring working alongside Shona as we develop the DT Curriculum for the Junior School – Years 0-2. She has excellent curriculum knowledge and she has a passion to see DT integrated into all areas of the curriculum

Julie Smith, Digital Technologies Lead

incredibly creative ideas to help implement the DTC

Caebrook Intermediate

Having Shona guide us through the curriculum and come in, to model how lessons can be run was a huge advantage. She had incredibly creative ideas to help implement the DTC, and as the one who was sceptical at the beginning, I can now happily say I’m hooked. Year 8 Level Leader.

Anna Kerr, Year 8 Level Leader

confident in where we are going with the DTHM curriculum

Witarina Owens

Our college is integrating the DTHM curriculum across our junior Ignite Programme. We wanted a PLD partner with a broad knowledge of all curriculum areas and expertise in cross-curriculum project-based integration to support us with our implementation. Our team has come away from our first session with a clear understanding of the curriculum and ideas to get started.

Witarina Owens, Technology Teacher

Strong grasp of the new Digital Technologies Curriculum

Juanita Mclellan

Shona has a strong grasp of the Digital Technologies Curriculum and the ability to see the bigger picture to cater to our situation, with the foresight to see what we need next.

Juanita McLellan, teacher of the arts

The most effective leadership coaching….

From day one we looked at different types of leadership approaches and different ways you can actually inspire people within your team to deepen their Inquiry.

Julie Coughlan, Head of Department Social Studies

A fantastic day of Leadership Coaching

A fantastic day of reflection, probing, planning, sharing and learning!

Melanie L'Eef - Assistant Principal - Teaching and Learning

Tabitha is an exceptional coach

Rachel Peak mugshot

Tabitha is an exceptional coach, supporter and teacher. She has worked alongside our staff to enable them to become more confident with the use of technology to make their lives easier and to utilise more effectively in the classroom.

Rachel Peak, assistant headmistress

Outstanding professional development delivered from a teaching perspective

I would unreservedly recommend Victoria to any school looking for an external PLD facilitator to provide assistance in the roll-out of the ‘DTC’ in their schools.

Blake Carlin - Principal

Innovative learning… digital fluency

Matt is a visionary for us. He listens too and acknowledges our own vision, values and aspirations. Condensing what we think, and identifying what we are trying to achieve in succinct and interesting ways.

Angela Lowe, principal

…decodes the Digital Technology Curriculum

I can’t speak highly enough of how Victoria has developed sound professional relationships with the staff while taking us through the Digital Technology Curriculum.

Debra Harrod, Assistant Principal

Craig is an insightful, reflective, leadership coach


Craig is an insightful, reflective, leadership coach. I have appreciated his questions, prompting and input to help ensure my own ongoing development.

Murray Overton, principal

…I’m really grateful I get to learn from her as it’s making me a better teacher…

Teachers and schools who haven’t yet had the fortunate of working alongside Victoria are really missing out. She is an absolute asset and I’m really grateful I get to learn from her as it’s making me a better teacher.

Amber Hyde, Class Teacher

…strategic planning end goals were relevant, achievable and innovative

Margaret Dodds Principal Waitaha School

Rob’s in-depth and current knowledge of education practices ensured that our strategic planning sessions were focussed and relevant to the Waitaha setting and to its community. His input ensured that the end goals were relevant, achievable and innovative. Rob is extremely professional and he will deliver quality outcomes.

Margaret Dodds, principal

Highly engaging Digital Technologies professional development

Cameron Mitchell - Tauranga Intermediate

Learning Architects delivered highly engaging Digital Technologies professional development that our staff was able to take straight back and embed into their classrooms.

Cameron Mitchell, principal

Amazing professional learning in digital technologies!!

Leanne Hale - Kaharoa School

Prior to today’s session, I would not have considered doing digital technology with my learners. Victoria made learning very easy and fun. Her positive and supportive approach made it a very worthwhile PD session. Thank you so much.

Leanne Hale, Junior Team Leader

Inspiring professional learning in digital technologies!!

Kathy Snograss - Kaharoa School

Victoria gave us some inspiring professional learning in digital technologies. I was feeling a little apprehensive about how this would work for my NE class but I am walking out feeling inspired and keen to try out the great ideas we have been given.

Kathy Snodgrass, Class Teacher

…increased our understandings of ourselves individually as leaders while enhancing our collective leadership…


Rob has increased our understandings of ourselves individually as leaders while enhancing our collective leadership by using our individual strengths and talents.

Sara Moppett, deputy principal

Amazing knowledge of the Google Suite

Carmen Jennings, principal

Learning Architects provide an amazing knowledge of the Google Suite, with tips and support will most certainly make a positive difference to a principal’s or office manager’s daily workload.

Carmen Jennings, principal

Helping to develop a stronger and more future-focused leadership team


Rob makes me and think about the deeper issues facing our school and is supporting us to strengthen the teaching and learning across all aspects of the curriculum. His insight into leadership is helping to develop a stronger and more future-focused leadership team.

Toby Stokes, principal

Responsive, Creative and Considered

Ararira Springs Primary

We have loved working with the team at Learning Architects and look forward to our relationship developing.

Claire Howison, foundation principal

Expertise and professional experience

Chris Bryant - principal

I have appreciated the expertise and professional experience that Rob has brought to the work he has done with us.

Chris Bryant, Lead Principal

Knowledge of how schools work and how to blend possibilities with technology is unique

David Taylor - principal

Your knowledge of how schools work and how to blend possibilities with technology is unique and makes this sort of community building possible!

David Taylor, Lead Principal

Helped us to develop a system that is working very well for our Kāhui Ako

Sharon Marsh - principal

Learning Architects knowledge and expertise were highly valued, together with his ability to connect with all members of the Kahui at their own capability level in a respectful and constructive way.

Sharon Marsh, Principal

Building our communication systems while supporting our collaborative journey

Sue Jackson - principal

Learning Architects continue to positively support our CoL/Kāhui Ako, especially in our establishment phase.

Sue Jackson & Sandra Keenan, Lead Principals

You gave amazing advice yesterday…

You gave amazing advice yesterday when you talked me through blogs and web pages etc…

Huge advice thank you, I feel relieved.

Susan Bentley, Class Teacher

Great resource for teams and students…

Rotorua Intermediate School Logo

The programme was multi-level. Found out new uses for the systems we are currently using. A great resource for teams and students.

Rachel Hitchens, Class Teacher

See the possibilities…

The course was practicable, hands on, pace suited the participants as you could work as fast or as slow as you were capable. It has given me the opportunity to practice and to see the possibilities of what Google Docs can do.

Christine Omundsen, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour

Time spent on ensuring we could use a feature…

Katherine Ellery - Castlecliff School

The opportunity to work in real time and the time spent on ensuring we could use a feature rather than bombarding us with the whole range available.

Katherine Ellery, Principal

Buzzing with the possibilities for the classroom!

Tawhero School Logo

Such a fantastic presentation and I came away with knowledge, skills and confidence and am buzzing with the possibilities for the classroom!

Jade Wakeling, Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour

Well pitched for our school and where we are at…

Kim Gordon - Bulls School

Well pitched for our school and where we are at. Your G Suite for Education and Hapara presentations help to reaffirm that our school is on the right track.

Kim Gordon, Principal

I would attend one again…

Oaklands School Logo

Good to learn how to sort my emails into priority and save time. It was a great course and I would attend one again.

Justine Birdling, Receptionist

I came away feeling very informed and wanting to learn more!

Kaye Jones - Diamond Harbour

There seemed to be a wide range of knowledge and capabilities within the group which were catered for in the presentation. I came away feeling very informed and wanting to learn more!

Kaye Jones, Office Manager

Looking at the bigger picture of our jobs and learning new methods…

Gillian Owens - Craighead Dio

To think about how we operate, looking at the bigger picture of our jobs and learning new methods to apply.

Gillian Owens, Principals' PA

Catered to meet the needs of the individuals and the group…

Banks Ave Logo

Catered to meet the needs of the individuals and the group.

Suzanne Nilsson, Class Teacher

Follow up has been outstanding…

Sylvia Fidow - West Rolleston School

Great to see you sharing your expertise but also being a learner, not knowing all of the google pathways but problem-solving to get there. And your follow up has been outstanding!

Sylvia Fidow, Principal

Improve practices in the office…

Ladbrooks School logo

Course content all totally relevant to job and Rob is very knowledgeable about what he is teaching.

Dot Agnew, Office Manager

Lots of little tricks to make working easier…

Gretchen Smith - Wharenui School

Small group, great people, learning lots of little trick to make working easier, great to know that others had the same concerns, “You know your stuff” enthusiastic presentation, good pace, good content.

Gretchen Smith, Principal

Helped transform the way we work…

Mark Ellis - Rakaia School

The work you did has helped transform the way we work.

Mark Ellis, Principal

Flexible and suited to each individuals context and needs…

Rachel Maitland - Kingslea School

Love how the training is flexible and suited to each individuals context and needs.

Rachel Maitland, Assistant Principal

Built leadership capability within our school…

Tina Taylor - Tuakau School

Learning Architects catered so well for our staff with the wide range of experiences and confidence using computers and familiarity with Google. He inspired staff and since the day we have had staff that are keen to try things and are using their computer so much more than they ever have.

Tina Taylor, Deputy Principal

Some of the best PD time/money ever spent!

Papanui High School Logo

It was probably some of the best PD time/money ever spent. Natasha, Judy and I are all buzzing about it today.

Anjie Connon, TIC Photography

A partnership, a mentorship and a great on going decision…

John Petrie - Huapai District School - Testimonial

What really helped was the strategic, feet on the floor and considered recommendations. You don’t know what you don’t know so to have Rob push my thinking, share new ideas and guide into a better way was a huge win.

John Petrie, Principal

Helpful beyond explanation…

Sandy Hastings - Beckenham School

Rob provided both small and complex technical support with getting the most out of google apps has been helpful beyond explanation, many times.

He knew my technical strengths and limitations, and provided instant assistance with my next step learning, enabling me to move forward independently with the task that I was working on

Sandy Hastings, Principal

Streamline processes so that they are efficient

This workshop was ideal for everything that I needed. It was a full day for the first day and I was able to utilize that skill and go home and practice. Then the second day and third day built on this.

I have learned how to streamline my processes so that they are efficient. So it’s much easier to find, track, and collate the information I need.

Dayna Hill

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