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Collaboration in G Suite

Rob Clarke

Managing Director of Learning Architects.

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Collaboration In G Suite

One of the greatest advantages of working ‘in the cloud’ is the collaboration possibilities this brings. There are a number of ways you can collaborate within Google Documents:

  1. Chat within a document – this is in real time – just click the Chat Google Chat button at the top right of any document. This obviously won’t work unless others are signed into and viewing the document at the same time! More information here…
  2. Comment on aspects of a document – this allows you to have a discussion within a document, but doesn’t require everyone to be on that document at the same time. It also saves the discussion transcript which you can see in the Comments Google Commentsarea at the top right of a document. This is particularly powerful for leveraging feedback in teams. This varies slightly based on the type of document you are using – doc, sheet or presentation.  More information here…
  3. Inviting someone to discuss a document via Google Plus – when making a comment, simply write a plus (+) and the users Google Plus name (e.g. +RobClarke2) to invite another collaborator to the discussion.
  4. Using the ‘Suggest mode‘ which allows you to track edits and either accept or reject them. Note that any editor can accept or reject the suggestion.
  5. Email to collaborators – this is the strategy that most closely approximates how we might have collaborated prior to cloud based systems such as Google Apps.

Here is a good video of how Google Drive allows people to collaborate on documents, sheets and presentations:

Examples of uses for these tools:

  • The class of students who provide each other with feedback;
  • Class teachers who share a classroom and planning with each other;
  • Principal and staff who share administrative documents;
  • The office staff who prepare project proposals and documents for staff in the field;
  • Business people who work together.

So as you can see, collaboration in Google Apps is really easy. If you would like help strengthening the collaboration in your work place or school please get in touch with us.

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