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Designing a coherent local curriculum that balances the front end of the NZC and particular learning areas requires the right combination of educational background, knowledge and expertise to draw the best ideas out.

Bringing the best modern research and futures thinking into the process where appropriate, our experienced team can help you:

  • Design and lead a review process that makes sense for your specific context
  • Identify your values as a school community, and help you develop a rich, authentic local curriculum that is personalised to its unique skills and attributes while meeting national priorities
  • Strengthen staff capability and student engagement by demonstrating how to turn concepts into behaviours and actions
  • Incorporate principles of key Ministry documents and research into the process
  • Expand thinking and capability around digital fluency and elearning, using the right tools and processes
  • Create meaningful engagement, and build community and whanau partnerships with a cultural narrative and culturally responsive practices

We also offer online training, and an online learning community with
unlimited support which people can access 24/7.


Transform Workplace Culture

How to transform your workplace culture

I’ve just come back from a conference in Sydney entitled Transforming Workplace Culture by Gallup. This conference explored the critical elements of what it takes to develop an engaging workplace and how to transform your workplace culture. I found it quite inspiring so here are some of my key takeaways.
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