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How to find files inside Google Drive really quickly

Rob Clarke

Managing Director of Learning Architects.

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How To Find Files Inside Google Drive Really Quickly

Never lose a Google Drive file ever again with this tip!

One of the biggest headaches for people is learning how to find items inside Drive. Overcome this issue and learn how to find files inside Google Drive really quickly and never lose a Google Drive file ever again! Read on to learn how to use filtering to quickly narrow down your +Google Drive search results and get on with your work!
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There are various ways you can filter the files inside the search panel of Google Drive, each with their own advantages. For example:

  • Type – this is the most common choice at the top, it allows you to choose whether you are searching for a text document, presentation, spreadsheet, form, image, folder plus a number of other less common options.
  • Date modified – handy if someone sent you something last week!
  • Item name – this searches only in the file names, rather than inside the body of the files themselves. Because it is quite specific, you may need to alter how you phrase your search.
  • Has the words – this is a broader search that looks inside the contents of the files themselves. You might like to alter how you phrase your searches using this.
  • Owner – if someone shared a document with you but you can’t recall what it is called.
  • Shared with
  • Located in – this searches inside specific areas (ie. folders) inside your Drive, or inside Team Drives.
  • Follow up – this is an interesting search because it looks for items that have a specific follow up inside them.
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