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Having a living strategy in your school or Kāhui Ako helps strengthen your curriculum, appraisal and other processes; the difficulty often comes with knowing where to start.

Our experienced educational leadership consultants will help you:

  • Get actionable feedback a snapshot of ‘where we are at’ from an expert outside perspective
  • Design a review process that makes sense and is achievable for your school
  • Gain specific feedback that combines a wealth of leadership, curriculum and technology expertise
  • Identify themes across your school where you have strengths and areas for future growth, and link these to your annual/strategic plans
  • Challenge you and your team to drive curriculum, innovation and futures thinking throughout your school
  • Create a plan that provides practical, useful strategies for your annual and strategic plans

Need a pulse-check between Education Review Office visits?
Get in touch to see how we can help.


Transform Workplace Culture

How to transform your workplace culture

I’ve just come back from a conference in Sydney entitled Transforming Workplace Culture by Gallup. This conference explored the critical elements of what it takes to develop an engaging workplace and how to transform your workplace culture. I found it quite inspiring so here are some of my key takeaways.
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