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Understand the student view of Hapara workspace

Rob Clarke

Managing Director of Learning Architects.

More information: or call +64 21 590 572

Understand The Student View Of Hapara Workspace

Hapara Workspace is a powerful set of tools. Workspace enables teachers to personalise and diffentiate learning for students. This post will help you understand the student view of Hapara Workspace.

The basic idea is that a teacher can design a ‘master workspace’ and then decide how best he/she wishes to personalise various aspects of that workspace for students.

It is therefore  important to understand what your students will see when using this powerful set of tools.

The video below shows what students see when using Hapara Workspace. It addresses the following key aspects:

  • Naming of workspaces
  • Students adding items
  • Visibility of evidence or resource cards
  • Quickly adding online resources by drag/drop

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